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New tech and sustainability

by on May 22, 2010

Lots of technology will most likely be part of the evolution toward, we hope, a more, a completely, sustainable ecology. We need to be smart about what tech can do that would help sustainability initiatives. Here is one, most obviously military, but what could we do with it to help a sustainable world?

  1. Alex Tsukernik NYC permalink

    Millennium Assessment of Human Behavior really must try to do everything that they can in order to turn the vision of a more ecologically sustainable and prosperous world into a reality! The new technology and sustainability issues, promises and goals for this new sustainable world can only be achieved if more people, their governments, and the stakeholders and leaders in academia, politics, the arts and other groups such as religious leaders can come to terms and try to work out solutions to the real problems facing our planet Earth: Unsustainable consumption, militarism; inequality; overpopulation; local, regional, state and world conflicts and the abuse of power by governments and their constituents! The Stanford University Millenium Assesment of Human Behavior initiative should continue and gain wider acceptance here in the United States and around the world! And the technologies for a more sustainable equality driven planet Earth should encourage the global community to adapt new means to advance equal distribution of wealth, resources, programs and training to those in need and other vulnerable societies worldwide! Complementing or replacing the economy with ecology; will I believe create a much better world for plants, animals, people and all sentient creatures!

  2. Right. Now, how to do it?

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