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Economics before climate

by on May 23, 2010

What if we could reform economc theory. Right now it leaves out resource input and who gets the benefits analysis of output. Economics (and worse, finance) is a closed system. This leads to bad habits of thinking. It is indeed the inputs and outputs that are the measure of real economic activity, yet ignored by economic theory.  Dealing with climate change is a real systems problem. Without reforming the major social theory of our time, unfortunaatly economics, we don’t have enough habit of mind to take on climate.

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  1. By their behavior many too many experts, thought leaders and opinion makers of all “stripes” have made it painfully clear that The Golden Rule is a churlish platitude only regarded positively by patsies, losers, n’er-do-wells and people trying to do the right thing. Everywhere arrogance, avarice and gold rule the world.

    Since the dawn of Century XXI we have witnessed the triumph, however much a Pyrrhic victory, of self-serving ideological idiocy and wanton greed as well as the defeat of the best available science by selfish Masters of the Universe who willfully choose to examine what could be real only when their patently unsustainable interests are served by doing so. And they call their utterly misguided wrongdoing God’s work.

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