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Simplicity makes things cheaper for the richer

by on June 4, 2010

Honestly, this is one thing that worries me about our future on this planet. That many good people, people reading and posting right here on this blog, are doing things to try and conserve resources, to live more simply, while others are grabbing everything they can – law or no law!

I realized the gravity of this the other day on a thread related to “peak oil” and how to cope with that. And I suddenly thought that even if thousands and millions of us “conserve” resources and find ways to live simply, unless we find ways to forestall and end war, we are simply “saving resources” for the wealthy, the greedy, the powerful – to wrest from our heritage!

It’s like the $$$ surplus we had in the year 2000. But then came years of war and of plundering the treasury. And now we’re in financial pinch. Well, it’s the same thing in trying to “care” for the earth. Some will care. Many will care. Those of us who care will tighten our belts, so to speak. Will use less to no oil, etc. But then what? Then some greedy and powerful people will either grab those same resources or go to war for them.

Douglass Carmichael

Stanford MAHB, Stanford Strategy Studio, Media X
Shakespeare and Tao Consulting

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