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large complexities require large systems

by on June 15, 2010
I Don’t like the implications but

To Cavner the key issues are:
1. Only 4 of the dozen or so oil companies in the gulf have the resources to clean up a spill

dc: As efforts toward sustainability increase (Obama’s speech today may begin to show this) it will benefit large system management because the risks of shifting the parameters of energy dependence will be so risky.

Douglass Carmichael Stanford MAHB, Stanford Strategy Studio, Media X Shakespeare and Tao Consulting Http:// Http:// 

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  1. Doug, I think the point about complexities requiring large systems thinking is one of our basic principles. And, of course, you are championing the notion that human behavior is an essential element to be included in this “system”. Cultural change requires a collective shifting of consciousness – a marshaling of energies in a better direction – and our job is to provide some infrastructure to facilitate positive change.

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