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The End of New Deal Liberalism | The Nation

by on January 30, 2011

Political events of the past two years have delivered a more profound and devastating message: American democracy has been conclusively conquered by American capitalism. Government has been disabled or captured by the formidable powers of private enterprise and concentrated wealth. Self-governing rights that representative democracy conferred on citizens are now usurped by the overbearing demands of corporate and financial interests. Collectively, the corporate sector has its arms around both political parties, the financing of political careers, the production of the policy agendas and propaganda of influential think tanks, and control of most major media.

What the capitalist system wants is more—more wealth, more freedom to do whatever it wishes. This has always been its instinct, unless government intervened to stop it. The objective now is to destroy any remaining forms of government interference, except of course for business subsidies and protections. Many elected representatives are implicitly enlisted in the cause.

Yes, now what happens? A paroxysm of Tunisia, Egypt… dominoes? heading this way? When and if, can we then turn to susainability? Bank y Moon wants to, says it is his new brief.
The Guardian has
Ban Ki-moon ends hands-on involvement in climate change talks
UN secretary general will redirect efforts to making more immediate gains in clean energy and sustainable development


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  1. “Now what happens?” Yes, lots of work to do!

    I suggest a meeting, to discuss four things: (1) GardenWorld Politics; (2) The social-moral values, ideals, and underpinnings of GardenWorld Politics (which are the same, essentially, as those in my own work on morality); (3) MAHB; and (4) Some related ideas.

    Are you open and available?



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