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Life after Capitalism by Robert Skidelsky – Project Syndicate

by on February 18, 2011

Capitalism may be close to exhausting its potential to create a better life – at least in the world’s rich countries.

By “better,” I mean better ethically, not materially. Material gains may continue, though evidence shows that they no longer make people happier. My discontent is with the quality of a civilization in which the production and consumption of unnecessary goods has become most people’s main occupation.

This is where GardenWorld Politics comes in, in quality of life.


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  1. Even our use of the word “goods” for consumer products seems to reflect materialist values. When we want to neutralize the positive connotation of “goods” we can use “stuff.” And when we are really aggravated with consumerism, we refer to “crap” or “cheap plastic crap.” We are victims of our own language, incarcerated by the world we have designed.

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